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To reduce electricity costs for residents, Illinois allows municipalities and townships, through a formal process, to solicit proposals from other licensed electric suppliers. As a result, residents who enroll with IEA have saved 40% on their electric bills, compared to ComEd customers. In addition, customers don’t need to worry about price fluctuations. Rates are stable throughout the length of the contract.

There are no hidden fees or surprises. IEA and your local government have already negotiated a set price. You can switch today and begin saving money.

Electricity is electricity. It’s not like gasoline. There’s no such thing as generic or premium. ComEd’s is exactly the same as IEA’s electricity. ComEd buys its electricity from suppliers, just like IEA. The only difference in electricity is the price you pay. IEA uses the power of aggregation to lock in a lower rate for an entire COMMUNITY.

When you enroll with IEA, your service won’t be interrupted. You’ll continue being served by ComEd, but you’ll have a new supplier, and the rate you pay will be up to 40% lower.

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