• Lowering
  • For Commercial Building Owners, Hospitals, Villages, Libraries, School and Park Districts
  • Negotiating the lowest price with over 50 suppliers
  • No charge to our customers; we are paid by suppliers
  • We meet with you and take the process from A to Z without a hassle

  • Municipal
  • For Villages, Townships, and Municipalities
  • We meet with government officials and explain our products
  • We utilize our in-house marketing department
  • We have experience holding public hearings and meetings
  • We design an RFP that will get the lowest energy price
  • We solicit prices from over 50 suppliers
  • We don’t charge our clients anything for our service and we are paid by the suppliers

  • Securing
  • For Villages, Townships, Schools, Libraries, and Other Govt Entities
  • Grants written by published author
  • Grants developed in coordination with your staff
  • Grant review & compliance by our in-house legal staff

Contact Info

Illinois Energy Aggregation, LLC
9713 Southwest Highway
Oak Lawn, Illinois 60453

(630) 230-6434